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Abrasive Blast Rooms






Large Capacity Elevator & Abrasive Recycle

In those instances where an abrasive recovery floor is not required or cannot be justified, we offer two "sweep to" systems. The most advanced of these systems is an adaptation of our elevator which allows for a much larger capacity for storing abrasive. This system can provide for up to 8 hours continuous blasting.










Abrasive Elevators

Our method of grit reclassification is proven to extend the life of dust extraction filter cartridges.

With a recovery floor the RSI Airblast AFC elevator requires no pit. Designed to allow abrasive to be picked up as it is pushed into its base from the recovery floor, the abrasive passes up through a vibrating sieve which discharges oversized contaminants to a collection bin at floor level. Smaller particles of abrasive then pass through a dynamic air wash where dust is discharged into the dust collector.

Undersized abrasive is also eliminated. Rather than being conveyed with the dust to the dust
extractor, in our system undersized abrasive is also delivered to the collection bin at floor level. When undersized abrasive is taken to the dust collector, its mass causes it to travel faster than the maximum filter velocity dictated by the filter manufacturer. This results in premature wear to the filter media.

Our method of grit cleaning is proven to significantly extend the life of filter cartridges or bags. This is very important as changing the dust extraction filters is the single most costly maintenance issue associated with any blast booth.


A cheaper and simpler grit elevator and recycler is the RSI Airblast AFC Vaculift. Rather than physically vacuuming the abrasive the Vaculift system blows the abrasive vertically. As fast as the abrasive can be swept to the Vaculift hopper it is delivered by a micro venturi at its base, through a ceramic and steel pipe into a ventilated air plenum where dust is extracted to the dust collection unit.






Non-Recovery Floor - Steel Floor Detail

Where a recovery floor is not installed in a large booth RSI Airblast AFC will incorporat e a detail into the " steel plate floor. This provides a guide rail against which a plow can be run pushed by a fork lift or skid loader. This durable feature allows for rapid recovery of abrasive to the elevator.