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Abrasive Blast Rooms












Dust and impact resistant high intensity lights.

RSI and Airblast AFC has perfected the ability to replace fluorescent blast room lights with high intensity 400W metal halide units. Ignored by our industry because of the problems associated with extreme heat and the percussive effect of abrasive on the light glass resulting in the glass shattering. These light units are a standard feature on most of our facilities. With the correctly sourced glass diffuser we are able to withstand the rigors of the blast booth environment.

By utilizing these units the lux achieved is
superior to other products. Each unit is
positioned outside the booth shining light
through the glass which sits on a seal
fitted to an aperture in the roof. This
ensures that there is no build up of dust
which can be found when light systems
are fitted to the booth itself.


Sound Attenuation

Sound attenuation for improved working
conditions outside of the booth and
limiting environmental impact.

All of our blast booth panels and doors are designed to accept sound attenuating
foam. In the case of an external booth, the
cavity between the blast booth and the
external building also provides an ideal
space for compressed rockwool.


Designed for value, quality and performance.

Our cargo doors stand testament to our
belief in organic design. Many blast room
doors fail as a result of their structural
weakness - large doors hanging off
proprietary hinges in a blast booth often
leading to problems. Our design capabilities and non-reliance on outsourced components mean that we always provide a superior door hinge of such strength that enables us to hang doors up to 20' high x 20' wide.

Our design ensures that our doors will be
used over many years without the need for rubber curtains which can be trapped in the door or its hinges.