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Carrier Project Model 104 Slider Belt Model RSI CDLR - 525
Model RSI 108 Model RSI CDLR - 526
Model RSI 109 Model RSI CDLR - 535
Model RSI 519 Model RSI CDLR - 595
Model RSI Gravity Model RSI Dual Strand 680
Model RSI Turntable Model RSI Powered TurnTable
  Model RSI Pallet Center, Lifts, Transfer, and Stops




RSI Roller, Belt, and Chain conveyors are engineered specifically for your needs, without compromise. RSI breaks the paradigm associated with custom conveyors, conveyors made to order, and conveyors loaded with special features and options. Get fast quotes without the hassle. Eliminate long lead times. Expand your thinking outside “the catalog.” At RSI, custom conveyors mean more than giving you the length and width you need; it means we offer an endless number of designs with an endless number of available features and options. We’ve simply made it our business to be the best.

RSI has been performing in the most demanding environments for more than 30 years. We have the engineering experience and field experience in hundreds of industries and nearly every imaginable application, so you can be confident your equipment will perform.

RSI Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are available in 2-1/2” pitch, 4” pitch, and 6” pitch, covering the range of applications from machining chips to massive stamping operations. 

RSI offers a full range of Rubber, Plastic, Slat, Wire Mesh, and Chain Belt Conveyors for unit handling and bulk handling in both dry and wet environments. They are available for moving material horizontally, and for elevating material. All are designed with RSI’s philosophy of being built to last in industrial environments.

Our complete line of Powered Roller Conveyor has been growing with factory automation. This includes Motorized Roller Conveyor, Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor, and many styles of Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor.