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RSI Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor




Using standard modular components constructed for long life, RSI conveyors solve a variety of manufacturing problems. From simple, in-line finishing systems to complex storage and retrieval systems, RSI is an efficient and economical solution.

Straight Track, 3/16" thick, the heaviest in the industry, stocked in 10' lengths.
Welding Fixtures
Horizontal Curves, 3/16" thick, 90' flame hardened
Top Vertical Curves, 3/16" thick, 90 degree, flame hardened.
Bottom Vertical Curves, 3/16" thick, 90 degree, flame hardened.
Conveyor Chain, 6" pitch.
Take-up Assembly.
Inspection Section.
Chain Oilier.
Standard Drive Packages.
Load Pendant Attachments.

75 lbs per load
Standard drive packages up to 750 lb. chain pull









Protects Product and Parts.
RSI's enclosed track protects product from contamination that typically falls from open chain conveyors. RSI also protects the chain from airborne dirt, abrasives and solvents, prolonging chain life.

Simplifies Installation and Maintenance.
RSI's enclosed track is constructed of standard, modular components that guarantee easy installation, modification and maintenance. Standard components also guarantee quick accessibility through local stocking distributors.

Increases Throughput.
RSI's enclosed track chain has a pitch of 6" and is shortest in the industry. This allows up to 33 percent more productivity. The pitch of our chain allows you to space load pendants closer with less wheel loading, allowing for more product throughput. This shorter pitch also allows for tighter radius horizontal curves.

Maximizes Floor Space.
RSI's standard 1'-6" horizontal and 2'-0" vertical curves can make tight changes in direction and elevation, freeing up valuable floor space for other assembly and storage operations.

Facilitates Upgrades.
RSI's enclosed track was designed to meet manufacturers' changing needs. As a result, it is the only overhead chain conveyor that can be upgraded to a power and free system utilizing all existing components.

Reduces Product Damage.
Because RSI Enclosed Track can transport product anywhere, product handling and damage are kept to a minimum.
Photos courtesy of RW