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Turnkey Systems & Equipment Installation

RSI, Inc. has applications ranging from Hot Forging (as in the picture to the left), Metal Polishing, Metal Grinding (wet and dry), Welding, Metal Plate Cutting to Food Seasoning Mixing and Protein Powder Can Filling.

Not only do the RSI Engineers provide conceptual drawings and calculations, but manufacture the ductwork and install the entire project. Fully experienced and insured installers provide a safe and secure jobsite that protects both owners and contractors. The many years of experience by RSI, Inc. allow for the utmost in owner confidence for a job well done.

From the smallest to the largest installations, RSI, Inc. will provide the highest quality attention and quality in the industry.

Powder Coating Overspray Collectors

A true innovation for a rapid growth industry is RSI, Inc’s  Powder Coat Overspray Collector with “Easy – Economical Color Change” Feature.

Based on the proven roll out cart design, our engineers have designed a simple roll out of the cartridges and powder gathering box for the different colors.

The main unit and blower stays in place for minimal investment.

Because of the light weight of these powders, this unit is 5 hp. and rated at 4,000 cfm, the highest rating in the industry because of the “ultra high energy” of the reverse pulse self cleaning system used by RSI, Inc.

This consists of variable throat venturi design with expansion cones designed by Goyen for these RSI self cleaning cartridge systems.








Bulk Material Handling Dust Collectors

RSI revolutionized this field with the concept introduction of portable Mini Cartridge Collectors with Hopper Vacuum connection for Central emptying of the spread out collectors to a high pressure VAC that can “intercept” and drop material into any vessel desired by the owner. Dumpsters can be used here to dispose or other pressure holding containers for re-use of material.

The high energy pulse design used by RSI, Inc. allows for the highest “air to cloth” ratios in this industry for cartridge use. The units often push 5 cfm per sq. ft. quite successfully.

The portability allows packers, fillers, mixers to be constantly moved for different product line requirements. No hard ductwork to get in the way…only 2” or 2.5” flexible vacuum line drops to each Collector’s Hopper.

Convenient and economical and allows for many years of flexible “Cell” type installations.





















Flammable Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication industry having to deal with aluminum, magnesium and titanium is exposed to many standards set by the NFPA.

Machining, grinding and related work on these metals generates a dust that is flammable/explosive and needs to be collected and stored under water to prevent spark ignition of the gathered material.

RSI, Inc’s Wet Downdraft Table is explicitly designed to address these safety and code requirements at a reasonable cost.

The Table is available with or with out automatic options that offer the buyer many features that might fit or not fit into budgetary requirements but still the base unit offers most of the safety required, but NFPA requires options on Magnesium dust that requires options such as Motor Starter, Automatic Water Level Control, Full time Ventilation Secondary Fan. SEE, Inc. can fulfill requirements with other metals.